Worden Farm Now On the Ranch


Community Supported Agriculture Now Available on The Ranch

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) = Organic Veggie Box

Think of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) as a food subscription: pre-purchase a “share” of the harvest, then pick up your organic veggie box each week (December - April).

You Pay the Farm → Farmers Then Grow Food → You Pick Up Your Organic Veggie Box Each Week → See Your Neighbors and Farmers, Know Who Grows Your Food

Why join our CSA? Family, community, supporting small business, fresh – local – organic veggies!

Start Here.

> Pre-order your Organic Veggie Box

> Once season begins, pick up your Organic Veggie Box each week (December – April) at Sarasota Polo Club.

> Our harvest varies seasonally. An example of an Organic Veggie Box contents: a head of lettuce, a bunch of kale, a bunch of carrots, a quart of tomatoes, a quart of squash, a bunch of scallions, a quart of green beans, and a bunch of basil.

> Each Organic Veggie Box fulfills the weekly produce needs of 2-4 people who like to eat veggies. You can enroll for more than one box, or you can split a box with a neighbor or friend.

Who is Worden Farm?

Worden Farm, owned and operated by Chris Worden, Ph.D. and Eva Worden, Ph.D., grows 100% USDA-certified organic produce. Since 2003, the Wordens have been growing fresh, local, organic produce for the Southwest Florida community and distributing it through farmers markets and a community supported agriculture (CSA) farm membership program. Join us in welcoming the Wordens to Lakewood Ranch.

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Meet Your Farmers

> Music on Main, Lakewood Ranch Main Street -
August 4th at 6:00 PM
Stop by the Worden Farm booth to learn more about their incredible operation and get started with your own share.

The Mall at UTC (near the Apple Store)
August 5 at 1:00 pm
Stop by the Worden Farm booth to learn more about their incredible operation and get started with your own share.


Community Supported Agriculture is important to the farm - the farm relies on its members for literal "seed" money to help plan what and how much to grow. It is a remarkable relationship shared between land, the farm, and you!

Don't want to miss out, it's important to purchase your share as early as possible as boxes are limited. Join today.

$580 for 20 weeks of fresh, local, organic produce.
Pickups each Wednesday during season at Sarasota Polo Club (3PM to 6PM)

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