Ancient Oak Gun Club

Ancient Oak Gun Club welcomes competitive shooters and beginners just the same to try their hand at the timeless tradition of sporting clays.

Tradition and Competition

Ancient Oak Gun Club is open to the public and accommodates both advanced marksmen and beginners. They have 28 covered shooting stations divided between two separate courses that change weekly, and well-trained staff and sanctioned instructors to ensure everyone with an interest can be a part of the sport.


Sporting Clays

Practice your marksmanship by engaging in “golf with a shotgun.” This form of sporting clays consists of several shooting stations each equipped with two trap machines that throw a variety of target presentations.

Five Stand

This shooting discipline lets you practice as an individual or as a team. Five shooting positions with multiple trap machines throw a variety of presentations. Once you have completed 25 shots, then the 5-Stand is complete.

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