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Lakewood Ranch: The Largest Green Community in America

Using building products and techniques that result in healthier, more energy-efficient, and environmentally responsible homes is how we've built every village in Lakewood Ranch since 2005. As a result, every home here meets the Florida Green Building Coalition's Green Home Standard.

Good Stewards of the Land

For nearly a century, Schroeder-Manatee Ranch, the landowner and parent company of Lakewood Ranch's developer, has been committed to the protection and preservation of the natural resources here. Our heritage of care has led to our being designated the largest master-planned community not only in Florida but also in the country.

Green Building

Style, convenience and comfort are never sacrificed when building green. In fact, by building homes that are more efficient and protecting the land that surrounds them our residents are guaranteed an environmentally richer, healthier, more economical life.

Visit our Green Gallery at the Lakewood Ranch Information Center to learn more about the many advantages of green building.

Living on a Preserve

To seamlessly integrate the unspoiled beauty and tranquility of the natural world with the active lifestyles of Lakewood Ranch residents, more than 150 miles of trails wind their way through the 3,500 acres set aside as lakes, nature preserves and parks for recreation, relaxation and a place where residents can enjoy the wonders of their unique surroundings.


Here, you're as likely to run into a sandhill crane, otter or fawn as you are your next-door neighbor. That's because we've taken every possible measure to protect and preserve their natural habitats and ensure their continued presence in the future.

Our Golf Course

The Lakewood Ranch Golf & Country Club's membership in the Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program for Golf Courses is another example of our commitment to the environment.

Environmental Practices

Caring for the environment at Lakewood Ranch is an ongoing process. The strictest attention is paid to ecological and environmental consequences when land is cleared for building. Unique wildlife habitats are left intact. Paths are routed in ways that preserve the integrity of our natural surroundings. Only indigenous plants and trees are planted. All of the water used for irrigation is reclaimed and recycled. After mining for shell and sand, the sites are filled and become beautiful lakes that provide residents with places to boat, fish and simply relax. At Lakewood Ranch, careful planning and constant vigilance result in an environment where man and nature live in harmony, a special place where precious natural resources are not simply preserved, but constantly renewed.


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How to Contact Us

We do everything in our power to make it easy to contact us.

More Information
Green Gallery
Schedule Your Tour Of Lakewood Ranch

Learn more about green building at the Lakewood Ranch Green Gallery.

Visit Our Green Gallery
What Green Building Is and Is Not

Green building reconciles the need to preserve and protect the environment with building high quality, healthy and energy efficient homes. While never comprising on style.

Lakewood Ranch striving to become a GEM-friendly Community
Lakewood Ranch striving to become a GEM-friendly Community

Global Electric Motorcars - the official Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (NEV) of Lakewood Ranch.

More Information
The Many Benefits of Green Building
Important Savings
Important Savings

Conserving resources, using energy and water more efficiently means your home will cost less to maintain and operate. And offer higher resale values.

Healthier Homes
Healthier Homes

Better indoor air quality and safer living spaces mean healthier homes.

A Better Environment
A Better Environment

Reducing atmospheric pollutants, recycling, using scarce resources more efficiently & managing waste responsibly all help protect the integrity of our environment and lifestyle.

Download Our Green Building Guide