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See An Example

The Sarasota International Cricket Club at Lakewood Ranch

As exemplary a place to play as Lakewood Ranch is to live, the Sarasota International Cricket Club's laser-leveled field is everything a batter worth his wickets could hope for: International Cricket Council (ICC) approved Nott's sport artificial turf with match and practice wickets from the UK and a Clubhouse where bowlers and batsmen can enjoy tea and sandwiches between battings.

Founded more than 25 years ago, the Sarasota International Cricket Club's permanent facility at Lakewood Ranch is truly worthy of the world-class competition you'll find there.

Cricket Vocabulary

Player skilled at both batting and bowling (ex: Any player who can score the most runs and take the most wickets in a match is a great all-rounder.)
Swing the arm from behind the body, over the head, and release the ball on the down swing without bending the elbow (ex: A fast bowler can't usually bowl for as long as a spin bowler because fast bowling takes a lot more energy.)
An "extra" scored when both the batsman and the wicket-keeper miss a bowler's delivery (ex: A fast bowler concedes byes if he bowls wides that his wicket-keeper can't catch.)
Score of at least 100 runs; an important achievement for a batsman (ex: Every cricketing kid's dream is to make a century for his country in a big Test match.)
Act of bowling the ball; a ball (ex: A batsman who goes out on the first delivery he faces gets a "golden duck".)
Getting no runs; going out for zero runs (ex: Don Bradman went out for a duck in his last innings.)
Shot that reaches the boundary after bouncing and scores four runs (ex: I hit seven fours in my innings, but I didn't hit any sixes this time.)
Hook (Shot)
Shot in which a batsman swings his bat around his head and hits the ball behind "square leg" (ex: A good batsman can hit a hook shot when a fast delivery is short-pitched and at head height.)
Maiden Over
An over in which no runs are scored (ex: Bowlers talk about how many batsmen they dismissed and how many maiden overs they bowled.)
Six consecutive balls by one bowler (ex: Barry bowled 16 overs today and took three wickets for the loss of 42 runs.)
Shot that goes over the boundary without bouncing and scores six runs (ex: We love it when a batsman hits a huge six and the ball sails over the fence and into the crowd.)
Wicket (1)
A set of stumps and bails (ex: If a batsmen touches the wickets with his bat or any part of his body, and the bails fall off, he is out.)
Wicket (2)
The pitch (ex: If it's been raining and the pitch is damp, you can say it's a "sticky wicket".)
Wicket (3)
Dismissal of a batsman (ex: David surprised us with his bowling when he took five wickets for only 32 runs.)


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Area Information
Area Information

Home to beautiful beaches, internationally recognized attractions and year-round sunshine, Lakewood Ranch is just south of Tampa on Florida's West Coast.

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What it means to be Green at Lakewood Ranch
Green Living

Lakewood Ranch incorporates green building products & techniques that are healthier, more energy-efficient, & environmentally responsible.

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